Diabetes & Thyroid Center of Fort Worth

The Diabetes and Thyroid Center of Fort Worth was established in 2007 with the motivation of providing compassionate, up-to-date and comprehensive medicine. Our board certified Endocrinologists, Dr. Darren Lackan, Dr. Chris Bajaj, Dr. Anjanette Tan, Dr. Christopher Hudak, and Laura Sapaugh, PA are committed to practicing evidence-based medicine in order to give our patients care that is second to none.

New Weatherford Location - We are excited to announce an expansion to our clinic.  Dr. Christopher Hudak will start seeing patients in the Weatherford location on Mondays, starting in October 2014.  In order to make an appointment for the Weatherford location, please call 817-263-0007.  

We provide expert care for all aspects of Endocrinology:

  • Diabetes - Types 1, 2 and Gestational
  • Thyroid disorders – Hypothyroidism, such as Hashimoto’s disease; Hyperthyroidism, such as Graves’ disease; thyroid nodules, and all types of  thyroid cancers.
  • On site- Thyroid Ultrasounds, Fine Needle Aspirations/Biopsy, and Radioactive Iodine Treatment/Ablations.
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Osteoporosis and disorders of bone metabolism
  • Parathyroid disorders
  • Adrenal disorders and tumors - such as Cushing's Syndrome

Why our clinic is special?
Our board certified Endocrinologists are recognized as experts in this field.  We will provide comprehensive care for all the diseases we treat. 

For our diabetic patients, our goal is to prevent complications or prevent progression of complications.  We take an individual approach to each patient to get your blood sugars under control.  We can arrange for on site diabetes education in all aspects of the disease.  We will arrange for screening of all diabetic complications including eye diseases, kidney disease, nerve diseases and cardiovascular diseases.  We are also able to organize insulin pump starts, in the appropriate patient.

For our thyroid patients, we are able to diagnose if there is a true thyroid disorder.  We treat a large population of patients with both underactive thyroid (Hypothyroidism), overactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism) and all thyroid cancers.  In our clinic, we perform thyroid ultrasounds, fine needle aspirations (FNA) of thyroid nodules, and treat patients with radioactive iodine (I131) for both hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer.

For our sex hormone disorders, we have been trained to help patients restore their body’s hormonal balance.  We will diagnose hormonal disease such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), one of the largest endocrine diseases in women.  There are many aspects of this disease that will need to be managed, including cosmetic concerns (abnormal hair growth and acne), infertility, irregular menstrual cycles and metabolic complications. 

We practice evidence- based medicine.  This includes treatment of menopausal syndrome if the benefits outweigh the risks.  This is decided on an individual basis.  We do not prescribe “bio-identical” hormones as they have not been proven to be more effective or have fewer risks than the extensively studied FDA approved medications. Read More.  We also do not prescribe “anti-aging” medicine such as growth hormone, unless a true growth hormone deficiency is diagnosed.

Fatigue is a common symptom in many endocrine disorders.  It is also a symptom for a large number of conditions.  We are not a fatigue clinic or specialists for this, but it will be addressed in context of established hormonal dysfunction.


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